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W/b 28.02.22


Early Morning Activities




Century Tech: complete at least 2 nuggets on 'My Path.'

Guided Reading

Spend some time completing reading nuggets on Century Tech.


Spellings: Practise your spellings for this week. 

Monday: Complete the Oak Academy lesson below on 'analysing evidence from the clip.'

Tuesday: Complete the Oak Academy lesson below on 'practising using precise verbs and adverbs for characterisation.'

Wednesday: We are going to be looking at 'outside (inside) sentences' today!

Watch the video below.

Now, have a go at writing your own 'outside (inside) sentences' to describe Macbeth. Remember to describe his actions appearance on the OUTSIDE, and his inner feelings on the INSIDE.

Thursday: We are going to be writing some Alan Peat sentences today! Use the videos and documents below to remind you about Alan Peat sentences.

Using the resources above, and the sentence sheet below, write your own Alan Peat sentences to describe Macbeth.


Look at the sentence hints on the document below - the blue sentences are for Macbeth's exterior and the green cards are for his interior. Using the example to help you, write your own version of the Alan Peat sentences.


Foundation Subjects


Watch the video below. It shows some Christians' views about Jesus' resurrection.

Using your learning from the video above and last week (look back at last week's work on the website if you need to!), write a detective’s report encompassing all the evidence found from the witness statements, films and other evidence uncovered. Why do Christians believe in the resurrection?

Use the template below to help you.


Look through the Prezi below and how to use Prezi.

Your activity today is to explore Prezi and see if you can work out how to use some of its features. 

Mrs Fenner has a Prezi account that we will be using in school. If you would like access to this account so you can explore Prezi at home - please contact the school office. 

Explore the features of Prezi - how many items can you tick off the checklist? 


Complete the Oak Academy lesson below on 'What are medicinal drugs?'

Now, click the link below. Watch the video on 'What are medicines and drugs?' and read the information below on 'Are some drugs harmful?'


Complete the Oak Academy lesson below on 'What are circuit diagrams?'