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W/b 21/3/22


This week in school is test week. Please follow your own path on Century Tech for both English and Maths. Make sure you try to score 80%. You can retry a nugget if you don't manage to score 80% the 1st time. Try to focus on areas that you know you need to work on.


Suggestions for Maths are: Time, shape, statistics, decimals.


Suggestions for English are: Determiners, possessive pronouns, identifying adverbs.




Watch the clip below, look out for any actions or objects that have a meaning – ones that are symbols for Easter, for Jesus or for Christian beliefs.

Dafydd Assembly 21-3-2022

Holy Week: Part 6 Courageous Matthew 21:12-17


This week would like you to focus on your 6 times tables. Watch this video first and then complete the sheet below. You can also practise your times tables on TT Rockstars.

Science Lesson 1

Below are some videos linked to today's lesson. You can watch them first, or you can watch them when prompted to do so in the PowerPoint. 

Tuning fork makes a high speed splash

Rubber Band Vibrations

Science lesson 2


Watch the below videos and work through the PowerPoint, or you could watch them when prompted to in the PowerPoint. 


How To Draw Cherry Blossoms - New Ebook!

Art for Easter service

How to Make a Stained-Glass Cross



Yr4 HM Piece 4

Mother's day card

How To Draw A Mothers Day Folding Surprise