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P.E with Joe Wickes

Reading Comprehension

Spend 20 minutes reading a book from school or home.


Was your prediction correct?


Can you summarise what you have read in 50 words?

What about 25 words?

10 words?


Remember to choose the most important events!



Watch the video below.

Multiply and divide by 3

Now answer the questions on the two sheets below.

You might like to check your answer using the answer sheets below.


Click the link below and complete your Century Tech nugget for today on subordinate clauses.

Look back at your writing from last lesson and the feedback from your teacher.


What went well?

What can you do to improve?


Activity: answer or respond to your marking feedback (for example, if your teacher asks you to use different subordinating conjunctions, write some sentences using subordinating conjunctions you haven't used yet). 


Look at the checklist from yesterday - is there anything you haven't included in your writing? Write some sentences underneath your work so it can be ticked off!


Are there any words which you have used before in your writing this year?

Any word which you may have used in Year 2 or Year 3?

If so, get a thesaurus and try to improve it! (There is a link below to an online thesaurus if you need it).


*Send this work on Teams as this is your Thursday assignment.*

Mental Maths

Click the link below and complete your Century Tech nugget for today on multiples of 3.

8 Times Table Song (Cover of Rolling In The Deep by Adele)

Use the video to help you practise your 8 times table.


Watch Mr Gooch's PE video below and have a go at his challenge!

Mr Gooch's PE Challenge

Still image for this video

Have a go at the fitness challenges on the link below. 

Watch the video clips to help you if you are unsure.

Can you beat your best score?


Keep practising!

2pm TEAMS 

Please login to Teams for our feedback session and collective worship.

If you are unable to join us, please complete the reflection below. 

Collective Worship

1. Make the thumbs up sign with your hand. This means good things and gratitude (thankfulness).

Ask yourself: What do I have to be grateful for today? Where do I feel I have been blessed today? 


2. Point with your index finger. The pointing asks the question 'where'?

Ask yourself: Where have I seen God and goodness in my day today?


3. Point to your middle finger. We are using this tallest finger to think about things that stand out, things to really notice.

Rewind the day, thinking about the people you are with, the situations you have experienced, the things you have seen or heard. 

Ask yourself: If I were to write the headline for my life today, what would it be?


4. Look at your fourth finger, known as the 'ring finger.' This is in many ways, the weakest finger.

Ask yourself: Where have I been at my least or weakest today? What could I have done differently today? Where was I not at my best? If I could rewrite the script for today, what might I rewrite? 


5. Take hold of your little finger - the smallest finger.

Ask yourself: What small changes could I make? 



Story Time

If you have Roald Dahl's book 'Going Solo,' read a chapter or two about his adventures.


If you don't have Roald Dahl's book 'Going Solo,' click on the link below to listen to some of the audiobook for the story. 

Roald Dahl | Going Solo - Full audiobook with text (AudioEbook)