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W/b 28.06.21



Guided Reading: 

Read Chapter 9 of 'How to Train Your Dragon.'

Choose whether you want to paddle, snorkel or dive and complete the questions below.


Monday - Recognise and describe 2-D shapes

Tuesday - Triangles

Wednesday - Quadrilaterals

Thursday - Horizontal and vertical

Friday - Lines of symmetry

Foundation Subjects

French - Ma famille (Vocabulaire de la famille) - alain le lait

Watch the above video and write out all of the French words for your family members. 

PSHCE - It's Good To Be Me - Words on ScreenTM Original

Listen to the 'Good to be me' song. List down all the things that make it good to be you. They could be things you're good at, your personality, or things you are lucky to have or do (like a club). Share this with an adult. 

Computing - practise your typing again on the below link. 

Open PowerPoint on your computer. Watch the instructional video below and have a go at making a PowerPoint. You could make it about Volcanoes!

How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation