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Monday - What happened in this story? Tell an adult the story using verbs. 

The Black Hat

Children's animation book written by Maia Walczak, Music by Amy Hiller, Narration by Natalie Blass

Tuesday - What flew out of the hat? Do you think he should have kept the animals? Use your yellow hat (positive) and black hat (negative) to give reasons why. 

Wednesday - Choose one of the beautiful animals that came out of the hat to describe. Can you use adjectives and verbs? 


The elegant bird glided upwards towards the sky.

Thursday - What could happen in your story? What comes out of your hat? 

Friday - Can you write your own story? 


Monday - Fact Families

Tuesday - Check Calculations

Wednesday - Compare number sentences

Thursday - Know your bonds

Friday - Related facts

Afternoon Activities

History - We are having a Florence Day! 


Session 1: Florence Role Play 

Pretend to be Florence, can you bandage up your toys at home using plasters? Ask your adults permission! 

Can you get your room spick and span as Florence would have wanted it? Make your bed, dust the surfaces, sweep the floor, tidy away all of your toys and clothes neatly! 


Maybe your adults can join in and you can all pretend to be Florence and you can help to clean the house smiley


Session 2: 

Look at the pictures below, the website link or any books you have at home about Florence. What can you see? What can this tell us as historians? Which one can you learn the most from? 


Session 3: 

Write a letter from Florence sharing what hospitals were like and why they need more nurses. 

Art - We are looking at patterns this week! What patterns can you see in your home? Can you make your own pattern? 

What is a Pattern?

Watch this interactive video to learn about patterns. Visit us at for follow up activities and educational videos. Learn What a...

R.E. - We are learning the Christmas story this week. This week we are acting it out. Can you make puppets and perform the story to your adults? 

P.E with Joe | Monday 23rd March 2020

P.E. with Joe!

Outdoor learning -- BOLE time