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Wednesday 31st

Century Tech:

Log onto Century Tech and follow your Maths path.  If you can't remember how to filter the courses, check out Mrs. M's help video on the 'Useful Videos for remote learning' star on the front class page.

Please complete at least two nuggets (scoring 80% on each laugh)


Have a look at the two discussion texts below.  Which do you think is more effective?  Why?  Consider the language, the formality and the balance - is there any bias in either of the two texts?  Highlight any phrases or words that you think you might like to magpie for your own discussion text.


1. Watch the video on the origin of bananas and where they travel in the world before they make it to the UK shops.

2. Using Google Maps, mark on the world map all the countries involved in producing a pair of jeans.

3. Test yourself on the Logos quiz. (Do you think a child in Australia would recognise the same logos as you?  How about a child from El Salvador?)

4. Finally, sort the effects of globalisation into positive impacts and negative impacts.  You can cut them out, sort them and take a picture, or you can colour code them on the sheet.

The Journey Of Bananas: From Land To Your Hand

A brief look at how the humble banana is grown in a Costa Rican field - as well as the harvesting, treatment, packing and the transporting processes involved...

Collective Worship:

Watch the video below about Jesus's sacrifice.  Complete a reflection slip - what would you teach someone else about what Easter means to Christians?

The Story of Easter (Jesus' Sacrifice)