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Wb 29.06.20 SPORTS WEEK


A little extra challenge...

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How many different sports can you spot?

Welcome from Miss Ridnell and

Miss Tissot 

Welcome from Miss Ridnell and Miss Tissot

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Mr Gooch's Daily Challenges 

Mr Gooch is very excited!

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Challenge #1

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Another option for this challenge would be to play in teams. Each person chooses a few targets, take it in turns to use the ball to hit the equipment. If you win you can add it to your team score.

Challenge #2

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Some of the adults even joined in!

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Throwing large ball against a wall

Throwing and catching small ball

Balancing Challenges

Balance Challenge

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Balance Challenge level 2

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Balance Challenge Level 3

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Gross Motor Skills

Daily Mile

Mr Johnson introduces our daily mile challenge!

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It’s SPORTS WEEK! Below are some options for your writing this week. This is your opportunity to find out about your favourite sport or sporting event! Choose from one of the stories on our webpage or your own books from home. What new facts can you find out? Write 5 new things on Showbie this week.  Please choose ONE task to do over the course of the week and present your work on Showbie.


Choose a brand new sport to research. Write down instructions on how to play and the rules of the game.


Write a simple biography (fact file of someone that you admire in the sports world. Research where that person was born and their journey to where they are today.

Write a letter to your sporting hero. What questions could you ask them?

Write a diary entry as one of your sports heroes at a sporting activity.

Watch the video of the Extreme Mountain Biker. How is he feeling? Can you write a story based on his climb?

You may also wish to read active books such as Where the Wild Things Are and act them out.  Write a play script which include dance directions.  

Watch the classic story of ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’. Rewrite the story in your own words.


Use BBC Bitesize to research the original Olympics. Compare that to the modern day London 2012. Write an explanation about which you would prefer to compete in.

Watch some of the sporting events from London 2012 (link on our webpage). Pretend to be a newspaper journalist and report on what you see.

Watch the audience reaction video on our webpage. What are they responding to? Write a story of a sporting event that matches their reactions

Research the Olympic Ring meanings. Present your findings a poster. 

Write a diary of sports week. What did you do each day? What was your favourite activity? What did you learn about yourself?


Silly Symphony The Tortoise And The Hare

Watch the classic story of ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’. Rewrite the story in your own words.

Serena Williams (Biography): Women in History (Educational Videos for Students)

Celebrating successful Women in History watch this mini-biography about Tennis Legend Serena Williams. Here we pay tribute to her many titles, and more with ...

LET'S PLAY BASKETBALL Story for Kids | Sports Books for Kids | Children's Books Read Aloud

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All About the Olympics for Kids - The History and Symbols of The Olympics: FreeSchool

! The Olympics are a famous world-wide sporting event that takes place every few years.

EVELINA GODUNOVA. Gold Medal XIII Moscow Competition

Online Resources

Click on the links below to research different sports people for your writing. 

Writing Templates


Afternoon Activities


What can you do to stay healthy? Learn about Fred and Ned and their different lifestyles.

♬ Camille Saint-Saëns ♯ The Carnival of the Animals (complete) / Le Carnaval des Animaux

Read the cards called ‘The Carnival of the Animals’. You can print them off or read them online. They are activities for you to do alongside the music. You can follow these instructions or make up your own movements.