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All about Me! 

Who did these babies grow up to be?

9am Teams Meeting 

Please login to your Teams Welcome Meeting 

P.E. with Joe Wicks 

Reading Comprehension 

This week your challenge is to read the text within 60 seconds! Can you get an adult to time you? 


Wb 8th February








Watch this taught video and after complete the task below. 

Draw Pictograms


This week we are learning about poetry! Please watch the video below as an introduction to poetry and why we love it! 

Now we would like you to perform a poem! You can use any poem you wish. There are some ideas underneath or you may wish to choose your own!. Please perform your poem to your family using your body to create expression! 

Michael Rosen's top tips for performing poems and stories

Year 3 Blue perform Please Mrs Butler

Michael Rosen performs We're Going on a Bear Hunt

You can use a poem above, or choose a poem of your own.Perform your chosen poem to your family members. Did you enjoy it? What was the best and worse parts about performing a poem? 

Mental Maths


Can you draw a self-portrait using different medium? Click on the link and watch the taught video below to help you. 

2pm Teams Meeting 

Please log in to our feedback meeting. Can you guess who the babies grew up to be? Please think about what you want to grow up to be. 


Collective Worship

Assembly 8th February 2021

Assembly Year 1 Lent Luke 4:1-13


Please look at the sheet below. This is to work on all week. By the end of the week you should have mastered this pattern. Some of the patterns are words and some are letter patterns for you to master. If you want to do more, try writing a sentence with these words. 

Before you begin your handwriting you may wish to warm up your hands using some of these exercises.

Story Time 

Once There were Giants

Watch the story ‘Once there were Giants’
What can you do now that you couldn’t do as a baby?