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21.2.22 Cloudy Lesson (1)


Reading Comprehension



Make a Tally Chart


Make Tally Charts


Draw Pictogram


Draw Pictograms


Interpret pictograms


Monday Lesson

Watch Miss Tissot guide you through our Monday lesson.

Tuesday lesson

Watch Miss Tissot guide you through our lesson.

A Cloudy Lesson

Wednesday Lesson

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English - Grammar Lesson 


What's a contraction? Watch the super mover video below to understand what a contraction is! 


Today we want you to use your senses!


Next week we will be asking you to write a diary as the boy in the film. Before you begin to write you need to think about your experience as the boy that day. We want you to use your senses and include what you felt, saw, heard that day. 


Today please use your comic strip from Monday to add words in a different coloured pencil to show your experience or you could choose to draw a new comic strip with key parts of the story that you want to focus on.


There is an example below.

Afternoon Lessons

These are not sequential lessons so you may complete them in any order. 



Today is our first lesson this year about Easter. Please watch the video and then choose one of the activities to complete. You can use the pictures below to sequence the story, you can act out the story or draw a comic strip showing what happened.

The Story of Easter - The Beginners Bible

Science - What is sound? 

Today we are learning about SOUND. Watch the video below to learn about what sound is and how we hear. 

What is Sound?

Listening Game

After you have watched the introduction video you can now complete the activity.

Today's activity is called 'What is that sound?'. As you listen to the video below, try and guess hat is making the different sounds.

Can you describe the sound?

Listening Game - Guess The Sound
As you watch the video write down on the sheet below what sounds you can hear. How good is your listening?

P.E. - Balance Challenge Level 1

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Balance Challenges!

Balance Challenge Level 2

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Balance Challenge Level 3

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Can you help Jigsaw Jo? How can you encourage her to make the right choices? Draw or write on the sheet below.