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Here at Binfield Primary School, we pride ourselves on being the ONLY primary school in Bracknell Forest that has its own in-house catering. This gives us the opportunity to cook fresh, ‘home-cooked’ food everyday which in turn provides your child with a nutritious balanced meal.


Cooking meals from scratch enables us to know exactly what is in every dish and our meat and vegetables are sourced from local suppliers.


We write the menus on a seasonal three weekly cycle and all menus adhere to the Food Standards Agency requirements.


Each week, your child will be able to choose from one of four different main course options per day. We also provide the children with a choice of, dessert of the day, fresh fruit or cheese and biscuits. We listen to requests and ideas from the children regarding school lunches and try to incorporate them where possible.


We offer visitor meals for parents of children from all year groups. Please speak to the office more information.


If your child has a specific food allergy, please let the office know. We will arrange for you to discuss your child’s needs with the Catering Manager.

The children may choose to bring a packed lunch instead, following the school’s healthy packed lunch policy. If you do not wish to comply with the policy, you are welcome to collect your child and take them home for lunch each day.


If you think you may be entitled to free school meals, please come in and talk to the office staff or Sharon Cox (our Family Support Adviser) about how we can support you. For further information, have a look at this Free School Meals Form and Information.

Free School Meals Form and Information


It is really helpful to your child if they are able to use a knife and fork correctly. We expect and encourage good table manners to be used during lunchtime.


School Lunch ordering

Lunch can be ordered through the Schoolcomms system so please download the App from the App store.


On-line school lunch ordering works on a rolling 7 day (excluding weekends) cut off. Menus are loaded for the half term and its highly recommended that lunches are pre-booked each half a term in advance to avoid missing the cut off dates.  


Reminder:  All infant children (YR,1 and 2) are entitled to a Universal Infant Meal (free).


Important information

All meals ordered will need to be paid for at the time of booking online.  If you miss the deadline for ordering, we will be unable to accept any ‘over the counter’ orders after this point.  This means you will have to provide your child with a packed lunch.  


Failure to provide your child with a packed lunch on days where you have not pre-booked meals will result in your child being provided with a basic lunch of bread, cheese and fruit. This will be charged at £1.50 for KS2.


We would also like to remind you that children can only be provided with the meal that has been ordered for them (i.e., they cannot request something different to that ordered).


Online ordering is quick and simple using Schoolcomms. Please contact the school office for details of how to download this app and register. 

If your child is off sick, the office is unable to cancel booked meals. 


Many thanks for your co-operation.