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In the Sun

Answer the questions.


pp8-12 What does Meg like to do at the seaside?

p13 How was she feeling at the end of the day?


Read the story for the 3rd time.


Do the 'questions to talk about'.

Find and correct the mistakes on the proofread below.

Use the writing frame to help you write a postcard.


Think about a time you went to the seaside.


  • Did you go for the day, or for a holiday?
  • What did you do?


Imagine you are on holiday and you want to invite your friend to join you.  What will you do when your friend gets there?


E.g. When you are here, we will build sandcastles.  


Try to build on your sentence.


When you are here, we will build sandcastles  with flags and sticks.

When you are here, we will build sandcastles and put flags and shells on them.


Try to think of some more things you would like to do.


Write down your sentences and upload a photo to your Teams assignment.