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B.O.L.E. – Binfield Outdoor Learning Environment

The Binfield Outdoor Learning Experience (‘BOLE’)



The school had a disused nature reserve on the corner of the field which was really overgrown, and unsuitable for the children to use.


Together with assistance from FOBS, parents and staff, along with a Waitrose Community team, the BOLE has become a fantastic outdoor learning environment, used by all classes across the school. As well as examining the changes in season, in 2017 the children created a reflection area for those in need of a more peaceful environment during lessons in the BOLE.


The BOLE is co-ordinated by Ollie Johnson and Hannah Elvin.


Regular BOLE ‘tidy-ups’


Our lovely FOBS friends regularly organise BOLE tidy-ups throughout the year.  If you have green fingers, a Bracknell Forest DBS certificate and can spare some time to help with the clear up, please sign up!  Dates for this year are Friday 1st March and Friday 5th July between 9.00 and 11.30am.   Jobs will depend on the season, but as a guide will include clearing leaves, removing weeds, cutting back shrubs and a general tidy up of the space. Contact for more information.