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Mental Maths

We'd like you to spend 20 minutes on T.T. Rockstars - including a sound-check.

The Game is On!


This week, there's a TT Rockstars Battle between 5TA (Totally Awesome!) and 5JS (Jolly Smart!). May the best team win!

Guided reading

Wednesday GR explanation.mp4

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In English, we are going to work on dialogue. Dialogue is when two or more people are having a conversation. As we are learning the techniques needed to write a newspaper report, we need to learn about direct and indirect (reported) speech.  

So, imagine you are interviewing the individual members of this group. What questions would you ask them and what would their responses be? 

Select 2 or 3 people from the picture and write an interview. The example transcript is from a police officer and he's interviewing a witness or bystander.

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Two-way tables

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Watch this taught lesson on two-way tables.

Now after watching the video complete the sheet

Outdoor Activity

The first thing to do for today's outdoor activity is to watch the video on this website:


Then watch the video below.

OS Map Symbols with Simon King - Ordnance Survey Map Symbols are discussed by Simon King in this video from Ordnance Survey. In this new...

Make a Treasure Map

Draw the outline of your garden on a piece of paper and then start filling in some details (you may find it helps to do this from an upstairs window overlooking your garden if you have one). If you would like your map to look old, soak your paper in some cold tea and let it dry before you begin. Rather than trying to make your map true to life, use symbols or colours and a key to show the features of your garden. e.g. a vegetable patch could look like this:

When your map is finished, you can decide where to hide your ‘treasure’. This could be a toy or a sweet treat –  and have several treasure locations. Hide your item(s) and mark the location(s) on you map with an X. If you would like to make your map reusable, use blue tack to stick on a separate X. You might like to mark on a route to be followed.

Now give your map to a family member.


Can they find the treasure?

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Collective Worship

Binfield Primary School Prayer

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