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Thursday 4th

*Today is World Book Day!*

Teams call 9am.

Log onto our Teams call at 9am.


Get your morning going with Joe.

(This can be done at any time during the day)

Century Tech:

Log onto Century Tech and complete today's assignment 'Y6  SPaG 4.3.21'.  There are two nuggets to complete today: one on Past Perfect tense and one on Present Perfect tense.  WATCH THE VIDEOS FULLY, please and repeat any nuggets that don't score >80%smiley


Watch the lesson below on Substitution (it sounds a lot more complicated than it is!).  After that, depending on how confident you feel, have a go at one of the practice sheets below.  Remember, you can always change your level of challenge half-way through if you are finding it too easy or too challenging...


World Book Day activities:

Choose from some of the fun reading activities below and send them to us, please!  We'd love to Tweet about the brilliant things you've been doing... laugh

How to Celebrate World Book Day - World Book Day

Can you record yourself reading some of your favourite book?  Maybe we could make it available for someone in the community so that they could feel less isolated in lockdown?

Maybe, you'd like to record a story for your buddy?


Maybe you could make your own book?

Simple silent instructions for a visual lesson on how to make a simple, quick & easy mini-book out of one piece of paper.


  1. Look up these famous women from History.
  2. For each woman, find out when they were born and what they were famous for (or a key date in History that they did something).
  3. For each lady, plot their contribution to history on your timeline (this may be a key date, or may be over the course of a few years.

  Even better if you include a pic of each person with it.

    4.  If you have time, plot the events on the timeline too.


You will definitely need these timelines for your work in school next week. Please keep them safe.

History timelines.mp4

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Good afternoon!

Please log onto Teams at 2pm for our afternoon catch-up. surprise

Today's special guest: The Worshipful the Mayor of the borough of Bracknell Forest, Councillor Ash Merry.

Don't forget your potatoes (and your questions...)

Collective Worship:

Please watch Mrs Mistry's assembly.

Thursday 4th March

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