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9am Teams Call 

Please join us for our Teams meeting this morning 

P.E. with Joe Wicks!

Reading Comprehension

We are now focusing on fluency and comprehension in our phonics sessions.  Please read and complete the comprehension questions that are in line with your reading stage.

Stage 6 and below  - one star

Stages 7 – 8  - two stars 

Stages 9 + - three stars 


Ask your adult to test you! 


Please watch the video and complete the task underneath

Interpret pictograms


Please watch this taught lesson on 'The Magic Paintbrush'. 

Click on the link to access taught lessons on the Oak Academy website. 

Maths Feedback 

Unfortunately Miss Tissot's camera has decided to stop working! Please look at the worksheet below and use it to check your answers.

Mental Maths 

Art - Drawing a portrait of the Queen 


Today you have two art tasks to do! Today is our introduction to portrait art so we are beginning with activities that real artists using to help them create real life portraits! You are going to be trying to recreate one of the portraits of the Queen underneath. 


Turning the drawing upside down - Queen Elizabeth  


Turn the image upside down and, on a piece of paper the same size as the original image, carefully draw the image. Discuss how the brain can no longer recognise the subject matter, so the image is confused. The eye now takes over and you should draw exactly what you see, not what your brain is saying you can see. You are not allowed to turn their paper up the right way until they've finished.


Watch the video below to help you. 

Task 1

How to draw a portrait upside down

2. Drawing with your non dominant hand. 


Pick up the instrument you are going to be drawing with in your normal hand. Now swap over, put it in the hand you don't normally use. 


Look REALLY carefully at the Queen Elizabeth's portrait and from you can SEE begin to draw. Remember to work slowly and carefully.  

Task 2

2pm Teams Call 

Please join us for our reflective Teams call

Collective Worship

Look at the video below. Think about what this quote from the Bible means to you.


I am the light of the world

Still image for this video


Please look at the sheet below. This is to work on all week. By the end of the week you should have mastered this pattern. Some of the patterns are words and some are letter patterns for you to master. If you want to do more, try writing a sentence with these words. 

Story Time 

Listen as Miss Tissot reads the story 100 steps

This is a biography of a very special man, Sir Captain Tom Moore