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Monday 18.01.2021

Morning Task 8:30-9:00am

Spend 30 mins on Century Tech this morning!

Follow your path or have another go at a previous nugget to improve your score!

Try and blow us away with your scores-  we will be checking them! laugh



9am Teams

Please may you log onto Teams at 9am for our Daily Welcome and explanation of the work for the day. 

Guided Reading 9:30-10:00

Your task for today is to read the text and answer the questions on the attached document. We will go through the answers on the 2pm Teams call. 


B.O.L.E 10:00-11:00

Today we are challenging you to an alphabet hunt!

We would like you to try and spot something beginning with every letter in the alphabet! See what you can find! A for acorn, B for bridge, C for cat.... 


You can complete this task on your daily walk, in your garden or even looking out your windows.

Good luck!laugh

Handwriting Session 11:00-11:20

Please watch the demonstration video with Miss Watton and try your best to improve your handwriting!


Handwriting Cc

Still image for this video

Maths 11:35-12:20

First watch the 5 Times Table Percy Parker Song!

5 Times Table Song - Percy Parker - Say Percy Parker Quickly

Next, watch this powerpoint with audio clips from Miss Watton! laugh

Now you are masters of the 5 times table, you can try the worksheets and play the game!

You can play the game with your family or with your toys!


English 13:00-14:00

This week, we are going to be starting our own story which includes mystery/suspense. You have already created your setting so we are going to learn about using conjunctions in order to make our writing more interesting. 


To remind you what a conjunction is, I have set you a nugget called 'conjunctions' on Century Tech.

Once you have completed that nugget, I would like you to watch the BBC Bitesize video below and answer the questions on your Teams assignment.



2pm Teams 

Please log onto Teams again for our daily feedback session. 

RE 2:30-3:10


Watch the video below and then look at the PowerPoint. There are questions at the end of the PowerPoint for you to answer.

Collective Worship Thought of the Day

Our focus of the week is The Transfiguration. 

Please watch this assembly or read Luke 9: 28-36. 


Assembly on the Transfiguration