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Computing and Technology

Computing is a practical subject, in which invention and resourcefulness are encouraged. The ideas of computing are applied to understanding real-world systems and creating purposeful products. This combination of principles, practice and invention makes computing an extraordinarily useful and intensely creative subject.  The children will have opportunities to use a range of technology, including cameras, sensors, robots and tablets.
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The focus of the new programme of study undeniably moves towards programming and other aspects of computer science. Programming has been part of the primary national curriculum right from the start, as ‘control’ or ‘sequencing instructions’, although we will also be designing, writing and debugging programs.


Even though Computing is taught discretely, its main role is to enhance learning across the curriculum as a ‘Binfield Power Tool.’


Our computer suite is used to teach Computing anf IT skills to the children each week. The children develop their word processing, multimedia, database, spreadsheet, control and internet skills as they progress through the school. The children use the skills acquired across the curriculum, allowing them to reinforce and extend their skills.


We have laptops available for use in the classrooms to help with cross-curricular use, for example researching on the internet in humanities, or creating graphs in Science. As well as PCs and laptops, the children have the opportunity to use digital cameras, sensors and simple robots. We are looking to purchase some tablets to support learning.


This subject is co-ordinated by Kate Mackrell.