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Mental Maths

We'd like you to spend 20 minutes on T.T. Rockstars - including a sound-check.


Century Tech

Please follow your learning pathway and select a SPaG nugget to complete.


If you would like further help with how to do this, watch the video here:



Today, we will be using Teams to write up our play script. You can access the assignment in Teams. It is called 29.3.21 - Henry Danger Play Script


We will be writing the script of the Henry Danger clip below. 


First, watch the clip to refresh your memory of the setting, scenery, characters and dialogue.


Then, using the example to help you, go to Teams to write your play script up. 


You may also use the BBC Bitesize page to help you.

Explanation of task

Still image for this video

Henry Danger

Guided Reading


Fraction Wall Activity

Still image for this video
Watch this very exciting video from Mr Sutton and then complete the activity!


2pm Teams Call


For our 2pm Teams call, you will need to know the following definition:


factor is a number that divides into another number exactly and without leaving a remainder.


You will also need this table of adverbs:

Collective Worship