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Tuesday 2nd

Teams call 9am.

Log onto our teams call at 9am ready to hear the plan for the day. 


Join Joe Wicks for his early morning workout.

Century Tech:

Log onto Century Tech and complete today's assignment 'Y6 Science 2.2.21'

There are two nuggets in this assignment.

Aim high - remember to have another go if you don't score over 80%! laugh


During this maths lesson, follow your own path on Century Tech.  You could let the computer decide for you, or you could check your dashboard for your 'areas for development' and search for some nuggets on those to complete / improve.  We will be looking to see which nuggets you have completed and whether you have been watching those videos fully...wink  This will help us plan future maths lessons.

If you want to remind yourself of the best strategies, then watch Mrs. M's video from yesterday again.


Watch Mrs Mistry talking you through the answers for the 'Octopus' comprehension sheet. Mark your questions along with her. If possible, upload your answers for us to see.

Answer Sheet for 'The Octopus'

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Today's English is a recap of what you learnt before Christmas.

We are beginning our new writing topic of Newspaper Writing.

Watch from 4 mins 40 - 15 mins 30. You do not need to watch the whole thing.

After, can you choose ONE news report and annotate the assignment with the features of a newsreport? You do this directly on the assignment.


Have another look at the spellings for this week and then try today's puzzle.

Mrs Everett and Mrs Slade-Baker's Spelling group:

Watch this lesson from the BBC about prefixes.


Watch Mrs. MacKrell's video on eternal life.  Make sure you have a pencil and paper ready, as there will be an art task and a written task to complete.  Please upload these to Teams for us to see if you possibly can... angel

Heaven and Eternal Life

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Good afternoon!

Please log onto Teams at 2pm for our afternoon catch-up.

Collective Worship:

Watch this assembly by Mrs Mistry.


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