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P.E with Joe Wickes

Reading Comprehension

Spend 20 minutes reading a book from school or home.


Was your prediction correct?


Do you understand what you have read?

Does it makes sense?


Are you feeling unsure? Confused?

Are you finding it hard to understand why a character has acted in a certain way?


Ask an adult! 

If something in the text doesn't make sense to you - it may be a word, a sentence, an action etc. - ask an adult to help you understand.


Write down any questions you ask and the answer(s) you found out.

OPTIONAL World Book Day Live Event

If you are interested, there is a World Book Day Live Event at 10:30 today on 'Words and Pictures: Bringing Books to Life.'


Click on the link below if you would like to attend!


Watch the video below.

Count in tenths

Now answer the questions on the sheet below.

You might like to check your answers using the answer sheet below.


Click the link below and spend 20 minutes on Century Tech today, completing some of the nuggets under 'My Path.'


To access your path, click on the wiggly line icon in the top left hand corner (see the picture below). 


Century Tech has created a path just for you! It will identify any areas you are finding tricky, and give you some nuggets to practise, so you can improve!

Remember, you can re-do nuggets to try to improve your score too.


See how you get on!

Watch Mrs Fenner's English video below.

Mrs Fenner's English Video

Still image for this video

Complete the activity explained in the video above.


*Send this work on Teams as this is your Thursday assignment.*

You might like to use the documents below to help you.

Mental Maths

Click the link below and complete your Century Tech nugget for today.

Which times table do you find the trickiest?

Which times table do you need more practice on?


Click the link below, and choose the times table song you would like to practise!

World Book Day!

Today is World Book Day!

Our celebrations may look a little different this year, but we are still celebrating!

Have a look at the activities below, and see how many you can complete!

Book Recommendations

Think of a book that you have read recently that you would like to recommend to your friends in Year 4!

Complete the book recommendation template below.

Be prepared to share your recommendations in our Teams meeting this afternoon!

Share a Story Reading Star

Look at the template below. 

How many reading stars can you tick off?

Take some photographs of you completing the reading stars and send them in to school! We would love to see what you've been getting up to.


I wonder if anyone could tick off ALL of the reading stars...!

Make Your Own Bookmark!

Using the template below (or your own creative brains!), create your very own bookmark to use when you are reading!

We're looking forward to seeing your bookmarks on our Teams meeting this afternoon!

Optional Family Potato Challenge!


Berkshire Virtual School Games

If you would like to submit your scores for the Virtual School Games, please use the Google form below.
Watch Mr Gooch's PE video below and have a go at his challenge!

YEAR 4 Week 2 Core Twists.mp4

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2pm TEAMS 

Please login to Teams for our feedback session and collective worship.

If you are unable to join us, please complete the reflection below.

Collective Worship

Please watch Mrs Mistry's assembly.

Thursday 4th March

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Story Time

4RN: Mrs Kelley has recorded some more chapters of 'Gobbolino, the Witch's Cat.' 

Chapter 14 Part 2

Still image for this video
4EF - Mrs Kelley has recorded some more chapters of 'The Ice Monster.' Enjoy!

Chapters 7 and 8

Still image for this video