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Join our teams call at 9.00 where Mr Johnson will say 'hello' and tell you a bit about today's challenges. Remember this is optional, so don't worry if you have other commitments!



We are going to start each day with a bit of exercise to get our bodies moving!

Mr Gooch has made another challenge for you today, so join in with the video below!

Mr Gooch's catching challenge

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Here is the link to this week’s White Rose Maths videos - Today is session 4.

This week you might need a bucket or bag for hiding objects and a few small items/counters.



Time for a bit of a break and maybe a snack! Make sure you are really helpful and you tidy up all your things when you have finished!

Read Write Inc

Mrs Evans has made another matching activity for you to try!


Weather in England!

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Grownups - there is a massive range in the writing of children in reception, so please do not worry about the quantity of childrens writing. At this stage of the year I would be expecting one or two words linked together with fingerspaces that were spelled in a phoneticically plausible manner (eg sno instead of snow is fine!). Just as children starting to form sentences with support is ok, children only having the confidence to write one or two words is ok!


Time for lunch! You could help cook your lunch or get things ready if your grown up thinks you can do it safely. After you have eaten, see if you can tidy all your things away just like you do at school!

Then have some time to relax, ask your grown ups what will fit in with your family life!


2.00 - If you are able to, join all our teachers and the children in school for a teams call!


Fine Motor Skills

Mrs Evans 'Under the table' activity

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Rain maker/shakers with Mrs Bowles

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Collective Worship  In this clip, Simba realizes that he must learn from his past mistakes and return home to Pride Rock. In the film, Simba runs away from his home, Pride Rock, because he thinks that he has done something wrong. When he has grown up, Simba has to make a decision – whether to face up to his past and return home to sort out the problem, or stay where he is.

Dear God,
Thank you for our friends, our school and our families.
Thank you for the opportunities we have to learn new things in and out of school.
Thank you for all the staff and family members who celebrate our achievements, but can also help us to sort out our mistakes and that we will learn from them.

Story Time

King Rollo's New Shoes - Mrs Evans

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