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Monday 22nd

Teams call 9am.

Log onto our teams call at 9am ready to hear the plan for the day. 

Joe Wicks' P.E

Century Tech:

Log on to Century Tech and complete your assignment for today: 'Y6 SPaG 22.2.21'.  There are two nuggets to complete today: one on 'Brackets, Dashes and Commas' and one on 'Semicolons, Colons and Dashes'.

Make sure you watch the videos CAREFULLY and repeat any nuggets that you do not score >80%smiley


Watch Mrs. M's video below and refresh your memory of how to find a percentage of an amount by using percentage bugs. 

There is another way to calculate percentages of an amount: by using a bar model.  Watch the second video to see how.  Then, choose your level of challenge and have a go at the practice sheets below.  You may use whichever method you find easiest.

Video #1 Finding Percentages using a percentage bug

Still image for this video

Video #2 Finding percentages using a bar model


Please read the biographies below. Use a highlighter to highlight any phrases that you would like to steal to use in your own writing.


This week you will be writing a biography. Today, you will be finding out all the facts for the person you want to write about. Watch Mrs Mistry's video as she will explain everything you need to know.

Making notes for our biographies.mp4

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Please watch the video below which will introduce this week's spellings.

RWI - Unit 8

Still image for this video

Mrs Everett and Mrs Slade-Baker's Spelling group:


If you are in Mrs Everett and Mrs Slade-Baker's spelling group, please watch the video below which will introduce this week's spellings.

Unit 8 'ee' sound spelt 'ei'

Still image for this video


Watch Mrs. Duncan's video and make sure you have a pen and paper ready for the activities.

At the end, fill in the reflection sheet for this lesson.

Yr6 HM Piece 1

Mrs. Duncan's first lesson on 'Healthy Me!'

Afternoon catch-up:

Log onto Teams at 2pm and join us for our afternoon 'How are you?'

Mrs. M scored 7 out of 10... Can you beat her?

If you have 5 minutes to spare, see if you can spot the hidden animals in these ten pictures. Pausing is cheating...

Collective Worship:

Assembly from the Shed

Luke thinks about the Lord's Prayer.