PE and Sport Premium

In PE we aim to develop the children’s agility, balance and co-ordination. Children take part in activities which help develop their personal, social, cognitive and creative skills as well as their ability to apply
their physical skills and increase their knowledge and understanding of health and fitness.

Children are introduced to a variety of dance, gymnastics, games and athletic activities. We have a fully equipped hall and a dance studio. Outside we use the playground and the playing fields. The adventure trail is also used to develop balance, agility, confidence and fun.


There are many before and after school clubs provided by the school and children often get the opportunity to be part of the school team. Some of these clubs lead to matches in the school league, inter-school or county competitions. Sport as an extra curricular activity is very popular with children here at Binfield CE Primary School (VA).

This subject is co-ordinated by Hannah Ridnell, with support from Paul Gooch.







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