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School Values

Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.


Our Values, Vision, Mission and Aims


Our school’s core values are:
Community (Koinonia)
Inclusion; Creativity; Integrity.

“To be true to ourselves; to be true to each other, to be true to the world.”


Community (Koinonia) is our central school value. Our school’s Trust Deed states that we are here to serve the local community and provide an education, first and foremost to the children in Binfield village. This is reflected in our Admissions criteria. Community and team work are really important to us as this enables both our pupils and the village community to thrive. We foster strong links with the local community in a range of ways including:

• Visits to our local churches throughout the year
• Regular visits by clergy to lead worship
• An extremely strong and vibrant PTA, known as FOBS, who do an amazing amount of events and fundraising throughout the year
• Links with a wide range of local groups/clubs who come into school to share their skills with the children and/or make use of our school facilities. We also support and fundraise for a wide range of local groups, e.g. Bracknell Food Bank.
• We have many parent/grandparent helpers in school
• We have a very strong and committed staff and governing body team.
• We work with and support other schools both locally, nationally and internationally.


Within our Christian school community, we have three subsidiary values: Integrity; Creativity and Inclusion (ICI).  These are what the school community felt were the most important to us as a school and need to be nurtured and grown.


Inclusion – we are a welcoming Christian environment. We are here for all who are in our local community. The school’s Trust Deed makes this explicit. We seek to develop and support all within our school community, regardless of Faith, race, gender, ability, etc. This links to Jesus’ teachings that the kingdom of God is open to all.


Integrity – underpinned by Christian teaching, children are supported to develop a strong sense of morality – to understand the difference between what is right and wrong and to take responsibility for the choices that they make. As they grow in their understanding, we encourage them to consider their role as global citizens and to play their part in supporting and looking after the local and global community that God created.


Creativity – this is very much creativity/creation in the broadest sense and links to God as the creator, giving us all unique gifts and abilities to nurture and grow. As an ‘Advanced Thinking School’ we encourage creativity of thought as well as creativity as expressed across the broader curriculum. We encourage all within our community to use their unique gifts and talents to help the school team/community in the best way they can. This is lived out by the way staff, parents and pupils work together and share with each other, e.g. older pupils helping younger pupils read; staff running additional activities; parents coming in to share their skills with the children.

“To be true to ourselves; to be true to each other; to be true to the world.”

If we are true to ourselves, then we act with integrity; we use our creativity for good and make sure we grow it and help others to do the same; we include others and collaborate. By behaving in this way, we are true to each other in our community and support them in behaving like this too. We help our community to grow and develop. In doing this we are true to the world (wider community) and helping it to be a better place. God created the world and we are contributing to making it more like the sort of world that Jesus tried to teach us about.


Our Vision
Our school vision is: “To make learning utterly irresistible for all pupils and staff.” By learning together as a Christian community and building positive relationships, we learn to trust each other, take risks in our learning together and collaboratively support each other to develop and grow. We acknowledge our own and others’ unique God-given gifts and talents and seek to improve these, whilst sharing them with the wider community to create a rich learning environment. We celebrate difference in our school community and all are welcome to learn here, just as Jesus taught us. By knowing each other, accepting our own strengths and areas for improvement, we are able to find ways to make learning irresistible for all, and this perpetuates further learning and growth.


Our Mission
Binfield CE Primary School (V.A.) welcomes all children from the neighbourhood whatever their beliefs. Our school promotes attitudes of mutual respect and responsibility and is committed to our children developing their full potential academically, spiritually, socially, emotionally and physically. We strive to provide a caring, Christian environment and to lay the foundations for our children to take an active part in adult life.

We value the uniqueness of everyone in our community, fostering pride in ourselves and respect for each other.


Our School Aims
Our school aims are:
• To establish a happy, secure, well-ordered and stimulating environment where children and staff work together in an atmosphere of trust and respect and where children can learn to be tolerant, courteous and caring.
• To provide a broad and balanced curriculum, this fulfils the requirements of the National and Foundation curricula, so that each child can achieve their full potential.
• To teach and foster the development of good working habits, an enquiring mind and self-discipline and to encourage the children to take pride in their work.
• To help all children develop fully through a range of skills, knowledge and practical activities.
• To involve parents and the wider community as partners in the process of the children’s education.
• To promote equality of opportunity for all.


Home and School
Your child’s education and welfare are of the utmost importance to you and us. A child will only make good progress if there is co-operation and respect between parents and school. If you are concerned about any aspect of your child’s education or welfare please do not hesitate to discuss it with a member of the school staff.

Formal Parents’ Evenings are held in the Autumn and Spring Terms. Children from Year 4 upwards are encouraged to attend these with you as they begin to take greater responsibility for their learning.

In addition, there are informal drop-in opportunities each term to come in with your child and see their work, and ask any questions to their teacher(s).


During the Summer term a report is sent home and the opportunity provided to discuss this further with the class teacher if you so wish.


As part of this partnership we have a Home-School Agreement in place, which parents are invited to sign and discuss with their child.


As parents, there are many ways in which you can help in school. If you have a particular area of expertise please let us know! We rely on parents helping with reading, cooking, school trips, computing – the list is long.