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Watch the video 'Charlie Cook's Favourite Book' or you may want to read it at home with someone if you have the book! When the story has finished, draw a picture of your favourite book and write sentences about what you like about it. For example, The Gruffalo is my favourite book because I like animals and it is funny.

CBeebies Bedtime Stories 743 Dermot O'Leary Charlie Cook's Favourite Book #CBeebies

Charlie Cook's Favourite Book

Break time -You may want to have a healthy snack and have a play!


Lunch time


You may want to help your grown up with preparing some lunch, you can help by tidying and washing up after!

Understanding the world


Download the picture cards, have a discussion by answering the questions on the cards! You may want to have a look in your garden for insects too! What can you find?



Watch the video below and join in with the letter formation!



Early Years (EYFS) Letter Formation ABC | Precursive 'Jedi Writing'

Write the Alphabet for Kids - Cursive Handwriting A to ZHow to Write the Alphabet like a Jedi is a cursive writing video. This cursive writing video has a St...

Story time


Snuggle up with a book! Let your child choose a story book and read it to them.

After you have read the book, ask your child questions about the story. Such as:
‘What was your favourite part of the story? Why?’
‘Who did you like the most in the story? Who did you like the least?’

Recreate the story with your child using puppets, toys or pictures.