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Humanities (History, Geography and RE)

History and Geography are becoming increasingly linked and are therefore often known to the children as topic lessons, where skills from both subject areas can be covered.  The skills are taught in as many cross-curricular ways as possible, making learning more exciting and interesting.


Specific Geography skills taught include; mapping; using sources of information; learning specifics about the area of study, such as the names of important rivers and mountains and comparing places.


History teaching aims to develop enquiry and research skills as well as enabling children to organise and convey information in a variety of ways. They consider ways in which the past is represented and handle and interpret artefacts from the period of study.  Over the seven years at the school, children will develop a sense of chronology.  The periods covered are very varied and include: Ancient Britain, The Romans, Saxons and Vikings and The Coronation amongst others.


This subject is co-ordinated by Rachael Norman, Liz Sims and Sophie Corah.