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Collective Worship

Each week, our pupils come together for Collective Worship, these assemblies are usually held in our school hall. However, during the pandemic this has been in the form of watching an assembly hosted by either Dafyyd Taylor, the minister at Binfield Free Church or Luke, the Vicar at St Marks Church, Binfield. 

Assembly 24.1.2022

Epiphany Week 4: Christ the Light 1 Peter 2:4-5, 9-10

Assembly 17.01.22

Assembly. prepare the way

Assembly. Dafydd. Wed 05.01.22

Epiphany 1 (Part 1): The Coming of the Magi

Assembly. Gods people in the dark

Assembly 6-12-2021

A look back Isaiah 11:1-6

Advent Assembly

Assembly 22-11-2021

Saints/Remembrance. Week 4. Compassion in the Kingdom. Matthew 25:31-40

Assembly 15-11-2021

Dafydd. Saints 2: The Kingdom; The Future Servant. Matthew 25:14-27

Assembly 9-11-2021

Saints (Remembrance). The Wise Servant

The greatest commandment

assembly. the vineyard

Assembly 27.9.21 Dafydd

Harvest 5: Parables of the Kingdom. Matthew 13:31-35

Why worry?

Assembly on the beattitudes