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This week we are learning the story of 'We're going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen. 


Monday: Please write a prediction about what you think the story will be about. Look at the 

Tuesday: Watch the video on YouTube and act out the story at home. 

Wednesday: Please sequence the story pictures in the correct order and label them with key vocabulary from the word bank. 

Thursday: Can you hide a bear in your house and draw a map to find it? 

Friday: Can you label your garden or house using words from the story? 


Please print off these worksheets for your math lesson this week.


Please practise the curly c pattern as shown below. 

Handwriting letter formation: Curly caterpillar letter family

Step-by step guide to the correct formation of the letters belonging to the Curly caterpillar letter family: c, a, d, g, q, o, e, s and f.

Afternoon Activities

R.E./ Harvest: 

Do some artwork on how food is harvested and design a poster to promote our local foodbank. 


Choose a mammal, reptile or bird and record their basic needs. 

Is it different for different animals? 




Think about what it means to be healthy. Predict what will happen when you exercise. Run around and play some games outside. Then draw a picture and label how you felt after. Why did you feel like this? 

Can you think of different kinds of exercise that you can do throughout the day that will help towards your 60 minutes of activity a day. 


This week we are learning to use the Bee Bots in class. Please go onto the link below to programme Bee Bots at home.  

Topsy and Tim Help a Friend | Story Time | Anti Bullying Video

Topsy and Tim help a friend in this Story Time episode. When Topsy and Tim discover that their friend Stevie is being bullied, they try to find the best way ...