Pupil of the Week!

We will list the children who achieve Pupil of the Week here each week.  They can receive this award in recognition of many different types of achievement.  Celebration assemblies will be held at the end of each half term to celebrate all the children who were awarded Pupil of the Week during that time.  Celebration assembly dates are listed below.

Autumn Term 2017 Pupil of the Week Awards
Bernard Lyle-Abella, Hollie Alsen, Liam Bailey, Edith Boehmer, Paul Boehmer, Ethan Boulter, Poppy Branchflower, Cali Brock, Emily Brooks, Ryley Brown, Lydia Butcher, James Carr, Azka Chaudhri, Rachel Chenge, Max Clark, Finlay Clayton, Ben Collins, Ewan Conneely, Liam Cozens, Isla Davis, Luca Dogarel, Chloe Donnelly, Alex Durham-Karapanos, Luis Eggleton, Zak Everitt, James Farley, Joshua Faulkner, Lily Foster, Michael Foster, Lola Gagity, Bailey Hall, Tom Hamble, Kaitlyn Hammond, Ronny Hatfield, Bethany Hayes, Vinnie Holdaway, Cooper Holland, Ava Hone, Archie Hoolihan, Reggie Howe, Moses Iloegbune, Matthew Jones, Tom Lancaster Cox, Alexandre Lomondais, Violet Marshall, Hayden Minehan, Kelly Morris, Leah Morris, Charlie Murphy, Haniya Naxton, George Nixon, Lucy Nixon, Cierra Nsiah, April Nyirenda, Izzy Olliver, Isaac Omokaro, Abhi Panicker, Abby Phillips-Lowe, Harlon Pocock, Caitlin Ponsford, Tommy Rawes, Blake Richards, Ania Roberts, Owen Saengkhiaw, Maisey Schroeder, Isla Snell, Ella Spender, Libby Styles, Jessica Thomas, Patrik Torok, Tia Tunstall, Rhys Weaving, Connie Weston, Lucy Whittick, Aidan Williams, Noah Winmill,  Alfie Withers and Macie Woodman.

Parents of pupils who have earned Pupil of the Week in the previous half-term are invited to attend these special assemblies.

For the Autumn Term, the Celebration Assembly dates are Thursday 19th October and Friday 15th December.