School lunch ordering

On-line school lunch ordering is preferred. However, if you wish to order via paper menus, these are available in the reception area on Friday afternoons. The cut-off time for paper menu orders is 9.00am Tuesday (midnight on Tuesday for online orders). If your child is sick on Tuesday, please drop the form into school or call the office to ensure the next week’s meals can be ordered.

Reminder:  All infant children (YR,1 and 2) are entitled to a Universal Infant Meal (free).


To set up your account and order your meals click on the link below and select ‘Getting Started’.

If your child is off sick for consecutive days, the office is able to cancel booked meals from the second day onwards.  Please make a request to the school office in writing, including the dates that you child was sick.  A credit will be applied to your child’s account balance.

Please send any queries to

Many thanks for your co-operation.

This page was updated on 10th January 2018.