Advanced Thinking School

As an Advanced Thinking School, we use a range of strategies, known as ‘Power Tools’ across all aspects of school life, not just within the curriculum. The main ones are:

  • Thinking Hats (De Bono) –  six coloured hats that focus on the type of thinking needed to respond to a task or situation
  • Thinking Maps (Hyerle) – different ways of organising thoughts and understanding in a written way
  • BLP (Building Learning Power) (Claxton) – making attitudes to learning positive and effective

These are complemented by:

  • Philosophy for Children (P4C) – strengthening children’s ability to question
  • The language of coaching – encouraging children to think through solutions themselves rather than expect to be given them

Binfield CE Primary School (VA) became an accredited Thinking School in 2008 and was awarded Advanced Thinking School status by the University of Exeter in 2011.

In June 2014, Sue Curbishley from Exeter University spent the day with us to assess whether we still meet the requirements to be an Advanced Thinking School.  We were first assessed in June 2011 and were then only the fourth school in the World and the UK to be accredited.  Thinking skills underpin our curriculum and enable our children to become independent learners.  The skills acquired here stand pupils in good stead for life-long learning.  We have many visitors to our school over the course of the year, from around the world, and we are deemed to be a ‘world leader’ in this respect. After extensive discussions with staff, pupils and governors we were delighted to be re-accredited.

Read the full Accreditation Report here:  Thinking School Accreditation – June 2014

The children are introduced to the strategies as they progress through the school, starting in Reception. New parents are introduced to the “Power Tools” in the New Starters Pack.

This is co-ordinated by Sarah Frankel and Philippa Brazell.

Please find below the following documents:

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