B.O.L.E. – Binfield Outdoor Learning Environment

We are every proud of our Outdoor Learning Environment, known as the BOLE, which was officially opened in 2014.

All classes spend time in the BOLE each week, regardless of the weather.  This experience:

  • Increases children’s engagement in their learning, which is real and purposeful.
  • Enables children to learn through direct experience, adding value to the teaching that is done in the classroom as it enables the development of a deeper understanding of concepts through practical application.
  • Allows for a greater variety in learning pathways – visual, aural, linguistic and kinesthetic can be successfully explored outside.
  • Facilitates children’s better recall and retention of their learning.
  • Links to improved school attendance.
  • Leads to improvements in children’s behaviour and motivation to learn.

There is scientific evidence that direct exposure to the outdoors is essential to a child’s physical and emotional well-being, as outdoor learning has been found to improve children’s cognitive abilities and resistance to negative stresses and depression. It also allows children to take risks; and through their risk–taking, develop and build their character and personality.

Research carried out by Kings College, London, showed that children who spent more time outside are healthier, more alert and have better social skills. But significantly, the research also showed the outdoors benefited teachers, gaining in confidence, enthusiasm and innovation

“When planned and implemented well, learning outside the classroom contributed significantly to raising standards and improving pupils’ personal, social and emotional development.” OFSTED

In March 2018, The Bishop of Reading planted a holly tree in the BOLE in remembrance of former Governor Mr David Fawcett, who passed away in 2017.  Mr Fawcett was a key part of the school for nearly 30 years and will forever be a part of its community.

Mrs Fawcett joined the ceremony, during which Bishop Andrew blessed the tree and said a few special words in recognition of Mr Fawcett’s contribution to the school since its inception.

Every child should keep a BOLE kit in school at all times – this should consist of wellies, a waterproof all-in-one or waterproof trousers and top.

Arms/legs should be covered to avoid cuts/scratches/stings etc.  Uniform should be protected from mud, etc.

Wellingtons can be stored in wellie racks outside each classroom. Waterproofs should be in school all week and should be stored in PE bags on pegs/in lockers.

There are spare waterproofs in the lockers in the link corridor. If these are borrowed, it is the responsibility of the class teacher to ensure that waterproofs are returned, clean and dry to the same locker.

The BOLE is co-ordinated by Faye Reynolds and Katy Hughes.



BOLE ‘tidy-up’s
FOBS regularly organise BOLE tidy-ups on a Friday morning throughout the school year.  If you are free on Friday mornings to lend a hand, please check the date of the next event on the FOBS website.


This page was updated on 26th March 2018