Please follow this link to our Policies page to see all applicable admissions policies and processes

Binfield CE Primary School (VA) is a Voluntary Aided Primary School. As such, the Governing Body is the admissions authority for the school. The school is a partner in the coordinated admissions arrangements for primary admissions in Bracknell Forest LA.  All the dates and processes of application and consideration will conform to the Bracknell Forest LA’s Coordinated Admissions Scheme, which will be published when finalised and will then be common to all schools within the LA.

Applications for a place at the school should be made on the Common Application Form (CAF) provided by the Bracknell Forest LA.

The Governors’ Admission Policy follows Bracknell Forest and the Oxford Diocese recommendations and is as follows:

1. Looked after children
2. Children whose parents are members of staff
3.Children with a normal home address in the designated area
4. Children who have a sibling or siblings at the school
5. All other children whose parents have chosen this school

If the school does not have places for all the children in one of the above categories, priority will be given to children who fulfil more than one of the admission criteria.  After this, if there are still insufficient places, and no distinction can be made between the applicants, a final decision will be made on the radial distance between the home and the school.  For full details please read the full policy.


If your child’s application for a place at Binfield CE Primary School (VA) is unsuccessful, then you may appeal to an independent panel.

Appeals should be made in writing on the appropriate form, which can be obtained from the school secretary, within twenty days of the letter of refusal being received.

Appeals should be made to:

The Chair of Governors (Appeal)
Binfield CE Primary School (VA)
Benetfeld Road
RG42 4EW

Timetable for appeals in the normal admission round

Applicants for places in the reception class for year 2018/19 will be notified of the decision on whether or not they have been offered a place by the Local Authority on Monday 16th April 2018 (by email if application was online or shortly after by post).

Appeals against a decision not to offer a place should be received at the school by Monday 14th May 2018.

These appeals will be heard during the summer term.  Late applications and any other in year applications will be processed according to the school’s admission code and applicants not offered a place will have 20 school days to return to the school a completed admission appeals form from the date that the notification of the decision was sent by the Local Authority.  Appeals will be heard within 40 school days of the date given for the return of the admission appeal form (30 school days for in-year admissions).

This page was updated on 10th January 2018